“Cybersecurity is a market where the thought leadership on the subject emanates from the DC area and the Federal Government executives who maintain security at scale for the world’s most sensitive environments. Cyber companies who succeed in solving problems for these leaders invariably do well in transferring those learnings to the private sector. This has been my playbook for three cyber security software companies. MissionLink is perhaps the single most important gathering where that knowledge is shared between present and former government buyers, their technology providers and other advisors in the ecosystem. It has been tremendously helpful to me. In fact, I ended up sitting on a panel with a colleague from a major Federal Systems Integrator that bought my first company.”

Tim Sullivan – Co-founder and CEO, Caveonix; former CEO, nPulse

“Our partnership with MissionLink was essential to the success of Tech Connect. It helped our Agency stimulate innovative and creative thinking by demonstrating the art of the possible. More important, through MissionLink we were able to identify and tap into a broad range of advanced capabilities to address and solve key intelligence technology gaps. This matchmaking resulted in new technologies deployed in the field.”

Gus Hunt – Consultant; former Chief Technology Officer for the CIA

“MissionLink is hands down the most efficient and welcoming community for entrepreneurs and technology leaders trying to push the envelope of what’s possible in national security. It starts with a world-class board that is solely focused on creating value for all in the community, and is evident in the high-value events, connections and opportunities. MissionLink helped me as a public company CTO trying to spot “what’s next” in national security innovation. It helped me as a founder and entrepreneur to get connected to a larger community of fellow travelers to share insights, lessons learned and community. But the best part for me: many of the people I’ve met through MissionLink have become business partners, advisors and lifelong friends.”

Will Grannis – Managing Director, Cloud CTO, Google

“MissionLink was an incredible forum that made a significant impact in helping me grow NetAbstraction.  It provided the opportunity to meet mentors, business opportunities, and other founders and CEOs. Looking back, I do not believe that I would be where I am today without the help and support that came out of MissionLink. I truly hope that it is re-established and would welcome any opportunity to share my experiences and lessons learned with others.”

Barbara Hunt – Founder and CEO, NetAbstraction, Inc.

“Finding communities of people within the Washington, DC area that are focused nearly exclusively on mission and one another is hard to do. As a Navy Veteran and Entrepreneur, establishing easy-trust and wide ranging relationships and more importantly, friendships, within the MissionLink network turned out to likely be the most critical and game-changing time investment I’ve made. The network gives more than it receives, cares deeply about the Country and her security, and will be a community where you can ask nearly anything of anyone and quickly get the answer or minimally, the way to find an answer!”

Tim Newberry – Founder, BlackHorse Solutions, Inc; EIR, Ten Eleven Ventures

“MissionLink was a tremendous resource for FusionX as we navigated the start-up landscape and through our acquisition by Accenture.  During the MissionLink sessions, we developed deep network relationships with other entrepreneurs, and gained knowledge from subject-matter experts and leading government and private-sector decision-makers.  The briefings were always incredibly topical and provided interesting and valuable perspective on emerging market challenges and opportunities and bridged the gap between national security and technology communities.  The connections and insights I gained during MissionLink have provided persistent value over time with regular interactions and collaboration with the MissionLink community which now encompasses hundreds of companies and experts.”

Matt Devost – CEO & Cofounder, OODA LLC; former CEO, FusionX

“MissionLink has a proven track record of attracting industry-leading companies with cutting-edge, mission critical capabilities, and has gained the trust and support from the highest level of executives within the federal government and private sectors. The direct exposure that MissionLink members get with national security insiders, thought leaders, government buyers and investors further enhance the pedigree of MissionLink as a trusted community.”

Jamie Dos Santos – President and CEO, Cybraics

“MissionLink has become a valuable forum generating insightful discussion among recognized leaders in government and industry. Its focus on continuity of participation with the high quality of its programs provides a unique environment of trust and collaboration to constructively address the landscape and solutions to major challenges affecting our nation. It’s been a privilege to be associated with such an impressive initiative.”

John Higginbotham – Chairman, Blue Ridge Networks